The new Pro Flow EVO is out!

Our new Pro Flow Horizontal impregnation unit for profiles is out, an evolution of the EVO1. A great restyling job has been done, the structure is always in strong steel frame painted with high resistance waterborne products but the independent rooms have gone from 5 to 6, respectively for inlet, impregnation, triple blowing rooms and exit. A first blowing is carried out in the first room to prevent dripping and the consequent leakage of the product. A second blowing into the room following the impregnation room allows the excess product to be removed. The blowing takes place by means of air blades connected to a high efficiency blower.

The rollers are now smooth and equipped with an "easy lock" system to be able to easily remove the rollers from their seat and allow for easy cleaning. There is an electronic inverter for the control and variation of the forward speed. Great news for the electrical panel, which is no longer one with the machine but independent. There is a touch screen panel for the control and command of all the machine operations and all the functions are directly accessible and settable from it. A network card with remote control is included for assistance via VPN and an alarm log allows service technicians to easily trace the causes of any malfunctions. The software includes an active safety system that continuously monitors the operating conditions and stops operation in the event of an anomaly. On the panel there are also a pressure gauge and regulator for the pressure of the pneumatic valves, the recirculation pump and the air jets of the first room.

The product is applied through a series of nozzles. The excess quantity is removed by suitable air jets, the machine has a low consumption of compressed air thanks to the adoption of a high efficiency electric blower. The pump and the air jets are automatically controlled in order to work only when the piece to be impregnated is in front of them in order to save the consumption of electric energy and compressed air. Closed circuit operation guarantees minimum product consumption.

Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed.
(Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier)

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