Pons returns to Finiture to expand his system

It is 2012 when Pons Menuiserie, manufacturer of doors and windows in wood, PVC and aluminum, addresses Finiture for the first time to place its first painting plant, a project that places the spray booth directly after the flow coating, in order to save space.

In 2018 Pons comes back to Finiture to expand its system, inserting a drip zone and a drying zone after the flow coating. The new plant would therefore allow a second impregnation step to then pass to the spraying circuit, which starts with a buffer storage bar to ensure maximum flexibility in moving the pieces, operated by a Push & Pull air conveyor. Each bar is supported by two carriages to guarantee perfect stability even in the case of large or not perfectly centered pieces. In certain points of the circuit it is possible to create Stop & Go stop zones and bars to facilitate loading / unloading, painting and drying operations.

Before entering the spray booth, the pieces go through a mobile optical scanner that processes a digital image of the piece to be painted; the image is then managed and processed by the control panel which, based on the preset parameters, develops the painting program for the RAS anthropomorphic robot. Here, the conveyor starts a rotation system to allow the painting of both sides of the piece. The process is completely automated.

After painting, the pieces move towards the drying tunnel equipped with LDP system and axial fans, which extracts the humidity, shortens the drying time and guarantees constant temperature and humidity parameters, regardless of the environmental conditions.

All functions are directly accessible and can be set from the control panel. The software includes a security system and monitoring of operating conditions. In case of anomaly, the automatic stop of the functions occurs. The system also provides a network card for remote control.

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