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Finiture in Poland

Finiture’s commercial turnaround in the Polish market took place in 2015 with the start of the collaboration with ITA, a reference point in the market of finishing plants in Poland. Today Finiture is there a solid reality in the field of finishing and impregnation of solid wood, with regards to the number of plants installed, references and reputation on the market. The Polish market alone covers a significant portion of Finiture's average annual turnover and has experienced unaltered stability over time. The company's flagship product: the robotic systems.

The Polish market of doors and windows today: the push towards innovation...

Poland is experiencing a great production boom in the field of windows. According to the UNICMI 2019 report, Poland is now at the top in the export of windows in Europe. The strengths: excellent quality at competitive prices. Andrzej Głuchowski, head of ITA states: "It is interesting to see that today in Poland more and more companies are investing in modern, highly advanced machines; not only large companies, but also smaller ones. Only 10 years ago my clients went to Italy to discover new solutions; today, more and more often, the representatives of foreign companies come to visit Polish companies, because they are equipped with state-of-the-art plants and machines. Poland is now a country where entrepreneurs are not afraid of technical innovations and implement them fully in their companies ".

... towards flexibility ...

There are many parameters to consider in order to offer a customized plant. Among these, the production technology, the required productivity, the staff employed and the budget provided by the customer. On the other hand, it is then necessary to adapt to the recommendations of the paint suppliers with regard to the pouring time of the paint, the drying parameters, etc. In this regard, Głuchowski speaks of a "VIP project", a project that balances optimal technical, productive and economic needs: "Every finishing plant is very important for us, just as it is important for our customer - explains Andrzej Głuchowski - in Finiture’s portfolio, almost all window manufacturers can find a suitable solution: air conveyors in Power & Free technology, floor conveyors, dry painting booths, water-based and pressurized painting booths, paint recovery systems, compensators with heat recovery, machines for the horizontal impregnation of profiles, as well as impregnation tunnels for assembled windows. Finiture also offers low energy consumption drying tunnels and water clarifiers, as well as an automatic spray painting system, with an anthropomorphic RAS robot.

... and automation

As in most of the areas related to the production of windows, in the finishing field much importance is attributed to the automation of processes: "The automated finishing line guarantees a better organization of the work - ensures Andrzej Głuchowski and adds - the investment in this area generates many additional benefits, including the significant damage limitation during window handling. It is also worth acknowledging that the demand of robotic finishing plants is consistently increasing in Poland and around the world ". Finiture, moving with the times, has made robotized lines its flagship product. Today there are over 100 Finiture’s robots active worldwide; Poland alone has 10 and, according to Głuchowski, the number will grow. Manufacturers are increasingly inclined to invest in technologies that guarantee work efficiency and perfect finishing quality.

Some Finiture customers in Poland

A historic Finiture customer in Poland is Norwood, for whom 3 different lines have been designed to keep up with the exponential growth of the company. More recent is the line designed for the dormer manufacturer Keylite, who describes the performance of the Pro Flow impregnating machine as widely exceeding the expectations and who is adding a vertical line for the finishing of unassembled profiles. Among the other clients we find Wiktorczyk, Slowinsky, Fakro, Siro, Prawda, Skandynawskie Okna, Bertrand, Eurostyl, Nordan and Pacyga. Producers of windows and dormers, but also of handles and accessories, to confirm the fexibility at the basis of the design and technology of Finiture’s company.

Product and energy savings and parameter control

Finiture has adopted a series of technical solutions to optimize the production times while saving energy and product. Among these, the automatic washing system of horizontal impregnating machines, a very fast and advanced drying chamber with closed circuit air movement, automatic color change for robot guns, as well as different paint recovery systems. All system components are designed in strict compliance with European directives. Thanks to the test area present at the Italian headquarters of Finiture in Padua, Finiture technicians and engineers constantly study new solutions and test them directly on the customer's products. Last, but not least, the in-depth study, setting and total control of the parameters of the machines and plant components, to guarantee the customers the best possible finishing cycle according to their needs.

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