New vertical doors finishing plant

2020 is a very profitable year for Finiture. One of the most interesting orders delivered this year was a door painting system, the peculiarity is that in this case we are talking about vertical painting, more practical because contactless.

The movement takes place thanks to an overhead bar conveyor of the “Power&Free” type. The Power&Free system is a special device that releases the trolleys from the towing chain when they are in contact with the trolley that precedes them, or in desired positions called stop and start.

The stop and start points can be controlled both manually and with automatic start of the bars at selectable intervals. The push-pull system allows varying the number of bars that are in line and in accumulation, thus obtaining a very high flexibility and versatility in the management of the system. The conveyor is equipped with a rotation system to paint both sides of the pieces.

Everything is managed by a supervision system with RFiD bar recognition technology. The Finiture supervision systems are designed to guarantee integrated and complete management of the painting process. Furthermore, the adoption of RFiD technology allows correct traceability of work processes at all times. The peculiarity of this system is the identification of the transponder with "contactless" technology, therefore free of wear and potential environmental disturbances. In this way, thanks to Finiture's supervision systems, it is possible to have an efficiency and precision of the painting system, remote control of the systems in real time through ETHERNET and multi-user connection.

The finishing takes place thanks to a RAS robotic system. Its configuration with 6 controlled axes plus an independent half axis allows any trajectory to be performed with extreme precision. This leads to an exceptional quality of painting thanks to the precision and repeatability of the robot, the possibility of using normal or electrostatic spraying systems, but above all, thanks to the extremely rapid colour change we have an easy adaptability to all painting styles.

A great challenge that has revealed itself from the beginning has been the customer's willingness to use both water-based paints and single- and two-component solvent-based paints in the same plant.

For this a specific mixer has been mounted, where components A and B and the washing product reach it through the feed pumps external to the group.

The flow meters detect the quantities of product A and B delivered by the pumps and send a signal to the electronic control system, which controls a valve that doses component B in the required proportion according to the set mixing ratio.

The software allows the correct mixing ratio to be maintained even when there are multiple users who work independently even with a high frequency of opening and closing the gun. Once the products have been dosed in the correct proportion, they pass through the mixing head, which carefully homogenises the mixture, arriving in a gun ready to be applied.

After finishing, we have a drying tunnel, with an adequate flow of air at controlled temperature in counter-current to the pieces, in order to ensure rapid and effective drying.

The air is filtered, heated and introduced into the tunnel by means of triangular floor pipes, equipped with adjustable vents. Another triangular pipe, positioned on the ceiling of the tunnel, allows the intake of the exhausted air.

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