Minimizing the operator’s intervention

Finiture’s plant for Zitzelsberger

Windorf (Bavaria), summer 2019: the finishing plant for Zitzelsberger Fenster & Türen is ready.

Finiture has designed the plant around the customer's need to minimize the intervention of operators, especially in the sanding phase.

The system consists of two cycles: one for impregnation and one for painting. The horizontal impregnation is performed by the Pro Flow flow coating for profiles. In Zitzelsberger’s case, a first layer of water is applied to the disassembled profiles, which will dry in the air. After sanding, the colorless impregnation is applied and the profiles are dried in the Pro Dry tunnel with hot air recycling system. After a second sanding process, the profiles are assembled to begin the vertical impregnation cycle, where a control station is now enough to just check the sanding quality of the piece, with considerable savings in time and effort for the operator.

For Zitzelsberger’s plant, Finiture supplied 3 flow coatings for moving profiles, specifically two Superjet and one Superjet Plus. The wastewater from the impregnation process is clarified by the AC600.

After the impregnation, a 25 ° inclination system specially designed by Finiture, allows the optimal flow of the product from the pieces. A humidification system slows down the process accordingly. The pieces then go into a drying tunnel with LDP system and axial fans. A compensator with heat regulator controls the humidity and air temperature during the drying process, ensuring at all times that the optimal parameters for drying are maintained.

After that, there’s a manual control station, before the pieces go into the spray booth. The cabin is equipped with a high pressure humidification system with spray nozzles. Spraying is performed by a robot, whose system consists of an optical scanner placed vertically in front of the painting booth that creates a digital image of the pieces to be painted.

The robots are also equipped with flow detection and nozzle clogging and monitor the paint consumption constantly. The data is then transmitted to a supervisor, in order to know how much paint has been used for each lot. A tracking module allows the spraying of moving parts. The Winpaint software allows the robot to spray the pieces as they enter the work area, thus increasing the painting speed.

Finiture is committed to the continuous implementation of a control system with RFiD technology for the detection of sleepers, in order to guarantee the safety of the painting process. The traceability of operations is possible at any time. In the programming it is possible to set the work cycles by determining the dripping and drying times, the product to be applied or the number of layers required, as well as other options and timing for the finishing process.

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