Implementing a finishing line

Finiture at work for Arbo Windows

Late August 2019, Latvia: it is still hot when Finiture tests the finishing line commissioned by Arbo Windows, one of the most modern producers of wooden windows and doors in the Baltic States and Northern Europe. Finiture’s plant has been designed to implement and integrate perfectly with an already existing line.

The disassembled profiles are placed on a side loading unit with roller conveyor and from there moved to the horizontal flow coating Pro Flow. The impregnating machine applies the product through a series of nozzles, while air blades remove the excess quantity. The delivery of the product and of the air jets work only when the piece passes through, so as to save the consumption of compressed air. A conveyor belt with motorized rollers takes the pieces from the impregnating machine to the drying chambers with LDP units and axial fans; the process is completely automatic and controlled by a series of photocells.

After the impregnation phase, the profiles are hung and go through a drying tunnel to which Finiture has added an LDP unit which extracts the humidity and guarantees a closed circuit air movement, accelerating the drying regardless of the environmental conditions during the year.

The painting line is totally new. There the transport is operated by a two-rail conveyor, in which the workpiece bars are hinged to carriages moving along the lower rail, while in the upper one runs the towing chain. If necessary, the bars slip out of the chain, creating areas of accumulation of the pieces. The spraying is done manually in a dry cabin equipped with filters to remove the initial overspray and residual paint fumes. The finishing process ends in a drying tunnel with LDP units.

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