High capacity plant, from the heart of Anatolia

One of our new plants has recently been inaugurated, we are in Kayseri, the ancient Caesarea, in the heart of Anatolia and we are talking about Bellona (also known as Boytas or Istikbal), a state-owned company and a large reality in the world of production of furniture in Turkey.
The system supplied by Finiture is a high-capacity system for disassembled chairs, consisting of two lines, one for the primer and the base coat and one for the top coat. The primer is made with water-based paints while the base coat and the top coat in solvent-based polyurethane.
It is a Power&Free type line, i.e. completely automated with control of the position of the pieces using RFiD technology. A special Supervisor manages the entire painting cycle from the moment of loading to unloading the finished pieces.
The color is applied by two flow coatings that allow color change without interruption of the work cycle, are completely automatic and controlled by the PLC.
The painting, on the other hand, is done with two pairs of automatic robots with a piece reading system, perfectly communicating with the rest of the line.
The finishing booths are closed and pressurized for excellent piece quality.

This plant has various strengths, including:
• high automation
• productivity (we are talking about 1000 chairs per shift)
• interface with the customer's management system

Working with Bellona was highly stimulating, we found an efficient and proactive environment that allowed us to do our job in the best possible way and the finished plant is proof of this.

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