Finiture in China:

The double plant for Ganzhou Boshi

It’s 2017, when Finiture completes Boshi’s finishing plant for beds, with two production lines covering 1,200 square meters. The plant is designed to finish disassembled beds of solid wood, with a line’s capacity of 200 beds per shift. The painting cycle consists of stain, base and top coat. The plant has significantly increased the productivity while ensuring a high degree of automation. Human intervention is limited to the pieces’ load and unload, the sanding process and / or to optional improvements.

Ganzhou Boshi Furniture references international furniture design concept, uses solid wood materials, adopts water-based and adhesive products to their furniture. It's a "pure water-based painting, pure solid wood" environmental protection furniture company at local.

The whole finishing cycle is operated by two different lines: one line is responsible for the stain’s application and it is composed of a loading area, 3 cabins (2 automatic booths with gun reciprocators and a manual one) and an LDP drying tunnel. The second line operates the base and top coat application and starts from a loading area, followed by 4 pressurized cabins with partial air recirculation; the first cabin is dedicated to any manual preliminary work and is followed by two booths with reciprocators equipped with high-speed rotating bells, which guarantee high-quality application as well as product’s saving thanks to the high-efficiency electrostatic effect. The spraying process is performed by a double reciprocator, while a high pressure humidifier with nebulisation nozzles moistens the air without wetting the pieces, ensuring the best application of the product. In the end there is another manual cabin for the unload of the pieces and for any refinement, if needed. After the application, the pieces go through the LDP drying tunnel, which allows complete control of all the drying parameters (air speed, humidity and temperature) and is designed specifically for water-based products. The LDP system guarantees steady drying parameters all over the year and speeds up the drying times thanks to the extraction of humidity. The close circuit air movement allows energy saving and reduces the installation costs.

In both lines the transport is operated by overhead bi-rail conveyors. The whole system is controlled by a PLC, whose devices are equipped with a highly intuitive touch screen interface.

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