Evolution is part of the future

2020 was a very special year. We found ourselves living a global historical moment that changed our everyday life, but above all, our way of working.

Crisis derives from the Greek krísis and means choice, decision, so Finiture, thanks to many years of experience, has decided to face this change in the best possible way by choosing not to weigh on the Italian system and therefore not to make use of the redundancy fund. Thanks also to its internationalization consolidated over time, it has never stopped production and by optimizing costs, it has not had major changes in turnover, however closing with a profit balance, so 2020 remains a decidedly positive year.

It also decided to strengthen the research & development office and the production sector, precisely because in difficulties you have to choose to invest in people, the true value of a company.

In 2020 we installed finishing plants for windows in Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, and Eastern Europe and of CLT and DLT in Austria, which is the main country in Europe for primary wood processing, as well as in China and Bangladesh.

Once again, our choices and decisions have allowed Finiture to overcome a difficult period for the whole world, allowing it to continue to evolve and grow as a company. Finiture has ambitious projects that will require demanding choices and decisions, the aim of which is to affirm it in its reference market as one of the major world players in highly automated painting systems.

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