Brilliant finishes for Finiture!

Finiture delivered irecently a new plant for brilliant finishes. The plant consists of a dry painting booth, consisting of closed rooms, kept under pressure, by means of suitable systems, to prevent the entry of dust from outside. One of the peculiarities of this plant is its size, 20m x 6m.

Two rooms are used for painting and have an overspray suction wall. The initial abatement of the overspray takes place by means of a honeycomb cardboard filter placed on the front of the booth, the paint fumes follow an obligatory path that causes the solid particles to be retained and a fibre glass mat, placed inside the container at a certain distance from the primary filter, retains the finest particles.

The third room is used for drying and is equipped with suitable ventilation systems. A particularity of this booth is the complete energy recovery of the drying booth through a heat recovery unit for each single unit. The heat recovery unit is a cross-flow exchanger with aluminium fins with the relative channelling hoppers, two fans, respectively for the extraction of the paint fumes (which replaces the booth fan) and for the intake of the incoming air, a large post filter for the air coming from the painting booth to protect the exchanger, a filter for the incoming air, a hot water coil, pipes, support structure and electrical panel.

The temperature of the pre-heated air is subsequently raised, by means of a hot water coil, up to the internal temperature of the shed, but with a considerable saving of energy.

The efficiency of the system is very high, thanks to the generously sized exchanger, and the efficiency is greater the lower the outside temperature.

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