Behind the HoHo Tower in Vienna

The first vertical finishing plant for CLT

Painting 20-meter panels as if they were windows? It can be done. It is the spring of 2018, when in Mölltal (Austria), the first shed equipped with a CLT finishing plant opens its doors. The project commissioned by Hasslacher Norica Timber stems from the collaboration between Finiture and Handl Engineering.

As reported by the Austrian magazine Holzkurier, the project includes sander and automatic finishing system for surfaces and it is designed to guarantee maximum production flexibility. The panels are finished once hung on the racks via computerized loading-unloading system. This is the plant normally used to finish windows and furniture elements, now adapted to profiles of larger scale.

Hasslacher is the supplier of CLT panels for the HoHo Tower in Vienna, the 84-meter and 24-storey wooden tower currently under construction in Seestadt Aspern: "Projects like HoHo would not be conceivable without this type of plant- says the project manager Andreas Weichsler - as we need to deliver properly painted CLT panels on both sides." Thus, the choice of two spraying robots working simultaneously on each panel.

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