Tradition and evolution

How to treasure the past to look to the future: when technological evolution helps to strengthen tradition

The MAIREL company was founded in 1957 by Gilbert Mairel in the village of Boucq, it‘s a family business located in the Lorraine regional natural park. He is one of the protagonists in the field of carpentry and therefore known throughout the region, where he also deals with the construction of houses and warehouses and, among other things, the production of wooden, aluminum and PVC windows and doors.

In 2019 Gilbert Mairel and his sons Serge and Pascal, who now lead the company together with their father, decided to build a new shed to totally renovate the wooden window processing sector. They therefore purchase new machines, a new high-tech work center and in 2020 they contact Finiture for the supply of a new robotic painting line.

From now on between Mr. Mairel and Mr. Sedino, owner of Finiture, establishes a relationship of trust. Having listened to the customer's requests, Finiture proposes the design of a highly efficient, compact line capable of guaranteeing high quality standards.

The plant consists of a Power&Free conveyor with 37 4 m long bars, a closed cabin with vertical suction wall and two Superjet impregnation tunnels placed side by side and installed on a mobile carriage. The Flow Coatings are equipped one with a single float, dedicated to the application of the white impregnating agent, and one with three floats for three different colours: the presence of two movable flow-coatings allows greater flexibility in the application operations, since the different products are always ready to be applied, and it is sufficient to place the flow-coating with the required product in line with the rail in order to proceed with the impregnation of the windows. Furthermore, with this configuration it is possible to carry out the washing of the circuits and cleaning of the machines in masked time with respect to the application, since it is not necessary to stop the line to carry out these operations.

Between the flow-coatings and the spray booth there is a buffer which performs the dual function of dripping zone for the freshly impregnated frames during the impregnation cycle, and of accumulation buffer before the booth during the spraying cycles. In fact, a 6-axis anthropomorphic robot is installed for spraying, equipped with an automatic color change system with washing for the management of 4 colours: the presence of a lung before the booth therefore ensures that there are always bars ready for entry in the booth without downtime, thus optimizing cycle times.

The plant is completed by two humidification systems, one installed in the area after the Flow Coating and one after the spraying area, to guarantee the optimal conditions for distension of the paint in the various stages of application, and a drying tunnel equipped with an LDP system and axial fans, for paint drying at controlled and constant temperature and humidity.

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