The painting doubles

In Saxony, Germany, a new Finiture plant was inaugurated for the painting of doors and windows. The plant is equipped with an overhead bar conveyor of the "Power&Free" type, a special device that releases the trolleys from the towing chain when they are in contact with the trolley that precedes them, or in desired positions.

The stop points, called Stop&Go, can be controlled both manually and with automatic start of the bars at selectable intervals. The push-pull system allows you to vary the number of bars that are in the line and in the accumulation dryers, thus obtaining very high flexibility and versatility in the management of the plant.

We have a dry painting booth, in which the initial over-spray is eliminated by means of a honeycomb cardboard filter placed on the front of the booth, in order to ensure optimal distribution and speed of the air, special are installed flow dividers.

The RAS robotic painting system in the booth was designed for the automatic painting of doors and windows with a high quality standard.

The great peculiarity of this system is the configuration of the spray booth: in fact, two opposing suction walls and a single robot, which works alternately on the two walls, are installed in the spraying area. When the bar enters the cabin, the frames are painted on one side by the robot, which is then positioned in a special niche to allow the bar to be translated. The piece performs a translation to the opposite spray wall and then the robot is reposition in front of the piece again to paint the other side. In this way there is a reduction in the size of the cabin and a higher execution speed.

The robot is equipped with automatic color change and its configuration with 6 controlled axes plus an independent axis allows it to execute any trajectory with extreme precision. This leads to an exceptional quality of the painting thanks to the precision and repeatability of the robot. The extremely fast automatic color change allows an easy adaptability to all painting styles.

There are also laser sensors for detecting the third dimension and the inclination of the pieces and allow you to make a three-dimensional scan of the pieces hanging from the bars.

The Winpaint software is able to process the depth data thus allowing the spray gun to reach all points of the product - even of particular elements, for example caissons, or profiles having different thicknesses from the rest of the window.

We also have a humidifier where the high operating pressure of the system reduces the water particles to very small sizes typical of aerosol. This allows to humidify the environment without wetting the pieces, even when they pass in front of the nozzles.

A ventilated tunnel follows for drying water-based products. The air is suitably treated with the LDP system which, by extracting the humidity, guarantees, with a lower energy supply and faster drying times than in conventional tunnels.

The system is also equipped with a washing water clarifier which by flocculation separates chemical residues from the water, which can thus be reused.

In addition, a data exchange interface with the customer's management system is installed, which allows the finishing system to collect information relating to the coating directly from the customer's computer system. This procedure therefore guarantees high process reliability. In this way, thanks to Finiture supervision systems, it is possible to have an efficiency and precision of the painting system, remote control of the systems in real time through ETHERNET and multi-user connection.

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