Our new clarifier

The new AC200C clarifier is out. The clarifier is a machine where, through the use of a chemical substance called flocculant, the paint particles found in the processing water are bound to it, the water is separated from the paint residues of the various processes and passing through a filter material that traps dirt collects the clarified water in a tank. It is essential in combination with flow coating, where color changes are very frequent and consequently it is very often necessary to clean the inside of the machine. It is also very useful for the painting department.

Over time, the AC series has enjoyed great success, more than 250 machines have been sold and the trend is growing. The strengths of Finiture clarifiers have always been simplicity of use, utility, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Precisely for this reason, the previous model has undergone an important modification: the filtering group has been enhanced, thus doubling its filtration speed.