New generation robots in historic plants

The evolution of painting, from manual to automated, over time

Menuiserie Blanc was founded in 1910, it is a family-run business that produces and markets all types of external doors and windows in wood and wood-aluminium.

Already a Finiture customer since 2008, when we installed a finishing plant where there was a manual spray finishing booth. At the beginning of 2011 Menuiserie Blanc, always attentive to technological developments, installed a Finiture robot automating the finishing process. In recent years Menuiserie Blanc, thanks to an important technological innovation that led it to renew the production facilities, has increased production significantly. The finishing line, although already automated, was no longer sufficient to meet the new production requirements. Never interrupting the relationship of trust, Menuiserie Blanc relied on Finiture again at the End of 2022 to update the finishing plant according to the new production requirements. Two new generation six-axis anthropomorphic robots with independent washing circuit and complete monitoring of consumption and minimum product level were installed on the existing line.

This was followed by a new dry spray booth with horizontal flow suction and new energy saving systems.

But above all, just to keep up with the times, the company has equipped itself with the new "Supervisor" system, developed by Finiture, with which it is possible to configure the work cycles by determining drying times, choice of applicable product, number of applications necessary and times for the work cycle.

From hand painting to complete automation, tradition and innovation, Finiture is always at the cutting edge of technology for ever higher performance.