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CETIH (Compagnie des Equipements Techniques et Industriels pour l'Habitat) is an independent french industrial company, specialized in the building and energy requalification sector. With over 45 years of know-how, CETIH fosters innovation to provide its customers with high performance products, including different lines of entrance doors, windows, solar solutions, ventilation and insulation. Always looking for a harmonious, sustainable and people-oriented business and life, CETIH aspires to sustainable development.

Cetih, always attentive to new technologies, contacted Finiture for the study and supply of a horizontal treatment system for individual profiles that make up its products. Finiture developed a horizontal impregnation line for them, where the flagship would be the new Pro Flow EVO. Compact and functional, the product is applied to the profiles using a series of nozzles. The excess quantity of product is removed by appropriate jets of air, and the EVO version of the Pro Flow was chosen precisely with a view to greater sustainability, because it has a low consumption of compressed air thanks to the adoption of an electric blower with high efficiency. The pump and the air jets are automatically controlled so as to work only when facing the piece to be impregnated in order to save consumption. Closed circuit operation ensures minimal product loss. Furthermore, thanks to its removable rollers with quick release system and electronic control via a simple touch panel, it is easy to program and execute the washing cycle, which allows you to vary the products used quickly and independently.

The collaboration between Finiture and Cetih was not born only at the time of the contract, but already in the early stages of the project study: the customer wanted to see firsthand what were the results that could be obtained with the Pro Flow Evo. They were therefore organized tests at the new test line installed in Finiture, for which the customer sent parts and paints; various tests were carried out and the results were recorded in accordance with the parameters established by the customer, who was immediately convinced of the application quality achieved thanks to the Pro Flow EVO.

After the Pro Flow EVO, a Pro Dry drying tunnel was installed, which allows the profiles to dry in a few minutes, thanks to the combined effect of recirculating hot air and groups of infrared lamps. Inside the Pro Dry the profiles advance at a constant speed via motorized rollers and are therefore exposed to a constant and controlled temperature.

When the profiles, now dry, leave the Pro Dry, they are automatically translated onto a motorized roller conveyor which runs parallel to Pro Flow and Pro Dry but in opposite direction, so that the pieces return to the loading area of the pro Flow EVO: in in this way the entire horizontal line can be managed by a single operator.

They needed both treatment and painting, but above all to take a step forward in automation, and Finiture was by their side right from the start.

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