Greatness is our strength

In Austria we have inaugurated a completely unique plant, thanks to an exclusive Power&Free system developed by Finiture, allows for a flexible line for painting elements that can reach 5 tons in weight and dimensions between 20m wide and 3.2m high.

In this system, the painting is completely automatic, and allows to define zones on the same element with different colors or not painted.

The loading and unloading system works by means of two large-scale lifts, interfaced with horizontal conveyors, which lift the elements from the horizontal to the vertical position and vice versa, with absolute precision.

The plant consists of an innovative overhead conveyor, with a mixed traction system, with variable capacity lungs for high flow rates. It is made up of straight sections plus transversal movement zones, respectively for loading, drying and unloading of the elements.

At the time of loading, the elements are identified by means of a barcode. From this stage to unloading, at the end of the painting process, they are traceable. The information relating to the elements is exchanged with the automatic painting system.

A centralized "system supervisor" allows you to automatically manage all the operations relating to the painting cycle. All information can be managed by the operator, both online and remotely.

The painting operations are carried out inside a pressurized booth, with a dry filter, floor suction and partial recycling of the sucked air.

Spraying takes place by means of two robots, designed for the automatic painting of elements with a prevalently two-dimensional morphology with a high quality standard. Only water-based paints are used and the customer can choose not only between different colors, but also to apply a protection against mold or yellowing, that can be applied on each side and on the edges.

The system consists of various parts: a vertical optical scanner positioned before the spray booth processes a digital image of the element (or elements) to be painted. The image is managed and processed by the PC which, according to the preset parameters, develops the painting program for the robots. The process is completely automatic. Then follows a ventilated tunnel for drying the water-based products. The air is suitably treated with the LDP system which, by extracting the humidity, guarantees faster drying times than in conventional tunnels with less energy.

Everything is managed by Finiture’s supervision systems, designed to guarantee the integrated and complete management of the painting process. The adoption of RFID technology allows correct traceability of work processes at all times.       

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