Finiture with 0 emissions

We talk more and more about the Green Economy, but what does it really mean? The "green economy" is a theoretical model of economic development based on an improvement in human well-being and social equity, capable of guaranteeing at the same time a significant reduction in environmental risks and ecological scarcity, this is the definition provided by UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) within the official report Towards a Green Economy - Pathways to Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication in 2011.

The Green Economy is not based solely on economic growth, but also on the importance of assessing the environmental impact caused by the production processes of transformation and use of raw materials. In other words, the Green Economy is aimed at increasing the economic performance of a company through the application of production systems with a reduced environmental impact.

It is precisely for this reason that already in 2003, anticipating the times, Finiture produced its first 0 emission tunnel where drying is carried out using the exclusive high energy efficiency LDP system, which combines dehumidification and heating with appropriate ventilation. Entirely in a closed circuit, without any emission to the outside.

The first zero emission booth is now added, applied together with robotic systems, thus completing the painting line and making the whole plant completely green.

The benefits are considerable, compared to a greater initial investment in the end the green saves, first of all in terms of time, with its simplicity of installation since it does not have to provide fireplaces and holes in the structure of the building and with energy savings, because not there are emissions and therefore loss of thermal energy to the outside.

A further, very important advantage is the control of the environmental parameters that most influence the painting process: temperature and humidity. In fact, in traditional systems the working conditions are greatly influenced by seasonality, just think of how dry the heated air is in winter. By eliminating the exchange with the outside, it is much easier to regulate and maintain constant environmental parameters throughout the year, with a consequent improvement in the quality of the finished product.

Creating wealth while safeguarding the environment is an important challenge: for this reason it is essential that everyone join forces by planning targeted actions and policies in order to achieve these goals, in the interest of all.

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