Evolution of tradition

Betz Fensterbau GmbH is located near Nuremberg, a family business that has specialized for many years in the production of high-quality doors and windows for the home, combining traditional craftsmanship with the possibilities of the most modern production technology. In recent years they have decided to invest and expand their plant, which is why they turned to Finiture, which has designed a plant with them that follows their high product standards.

The plant is sized to paint pieces with maximum dimensions of 4500x2600 mm and is composed of an overhead conveyor equipped with "Power&Free" technology with 20 bars. A bar tilting unit was installed after the flow coating for dripping excess product and a rotating unit lowered to the spraying area to facilitate both the loading-unloading operations of the pieces and the spraying operations.

The “Power&Free” type conveyor is a special device that releases the trolleys from the towing chain when they are in contact with the trolley that precedes them or in desired positions called Stop&Go, which can also be manually controlled. It also allows you to vary the number of bars both inline and in accumulation, thus obtaining very high flexibility and versatility in the management of the system.

This is followed by a “Superjet” impregnation tunnel with 4 colours and manual product change. The paint is sprayed by three sets of nozzles and the excess part is collected in a tank and put back into circulation by means of a pump.

Subsequently we have a dry painting booth, in which the initial over-spray abatement takes place by means of a honeycomb cardboard filter placed on the front of the booth, to ensure optimal distribution and speed of the air, special flow dividers.

The plant has already been prepared for the installation, in the future, of an anthropomorphic robot in front of the spray booth.

Finally, we have a washing water clarifier which by flocculation separates chemical residues from the water, which can be reused.

Starting from the design phase, working with Betz Fensterbau GmbH was very fruitful and pleasant, they were immediately very friendly and collaborative, the system works well and the customer was very happy. And of course we too.