Flexibility & optimization

Finiture’s brand new tow line for Makwuds

Sriperumbudur (India), November 2019. A brand new finishing plant designed by Finiture has just been delivered to the company Makwuds. The plant, conceived to finish various kinds of furniture, is just the preliminary version of a project which is doomed to grow over time, both in size and complexity. In fact, the plant’s further development includes a overhead-conveyor line and a drying tunnel.

In this case, Finiture’s main challenge was to provide Makwuds with the most flexible plant possible, despite the closed circuit transport. The solution is a tow line equipped with a Power & Free rail conveyor, made of a double rail carousel conveyor with free trolleys. The pieces are transported on rotating platforms equipped with an exclusive automatic rotation unit. It is possible to stop the trolleys both manually and automatically, leaving the traction chain work regularly. Thanks to special waiting buffers, the work station and the loading/unloading area operate quite independently from each other, thus allowing a certain flexibility.

The finishing process takes place in a water painting booth, where Finiture integrated the program of the already existing robot to the conveyor. As a consequence, the trolley’s rotation is controlled by the robot itself, as an additional robot’s axis. After the spraying, the trolleys pile up transversely in the drying buffer, taking up as little space as possible.

Although tow lines are readily available at very low prices on the Asian market, Makwuds choice of an Italian supplier rewards the research of quality and refined technological solutions.

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