Dismantled pieces’ painting

The Sonnleitner case

Finiture works again in Germany, in Ortenburg (Passau) to be precise. The customer is Sonnleitner, a family-owned company that, born from a sawmill, produces nowadays modern wooden houses and over 3500 windows a year. The plant was structured on the customer's need to paint the disassembled profiles, rather than the window frames.

In a first phase, the profiles, sanded and provided with an eyelet screw, are hung to a Power & Free movement system. A lowering group operated by means of a pedal board eases the loading operation. A special pit was made make the lowering unit work for longer pieces, too. The carpenter uses the painting system for wooden windows twice a week. In total autonomy, he will be able to apply the primer, sand and paint 40 windows, or more precisely 160 window profiles for windows and doors per day.

The fund’s application is made by a flow coating. After about an hour and a half of drying, the pieces pass through the deactivated painting station to reach the loading-unloading station, where they are unloaded to pass then through an automatic sanding machine. The pieces come back thanks to an automatic return system and are hung up on the hooks again. Once the sanding has been completed, the profiles go to the electrostatic painting station equipped with a two-color reciprocator; here the toothed wheels installed in the hooking point rotate the profiles on the longitudinal axis while five spray nozzles move vertically.

"Sebastian Piontec's predecessor had to work a week between immersion tanks and spray gun for the same amount of work that is now done in two days - says Gotthard Sonnleitner and adds - now we are fast, extremely flexible and sustainable, because we save a lot of paint. Finiture has combined painting, ventilation and environment technologies in an excellent way. Everything works without problems. "

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